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Afro  Weightz

Afro WEIGHTZ stops shrinkage naturally without changing your hair's natural texture.  The result is elongated hair in a wave pattern unique to your hair's coil size.  Using Afro WEIGHTZ greatly reduces tangles by making detangling easier & increases styling versatility. 

Afro WEIGHTZ are sized for thin coils or thick tightly coiled hair.  You can even use them in the shower or wear them overnight.


Lightly twist the end of a section of wet hair, twist WEIGHTZ around section, unwind section to lock in place, air or blow dry.

Before attaching WEIGHTZ add a holding product

like gel or our Afro Detangling GLAZE for maximum hold.


Twist the end of the dried hair section until inside of WEIGHTZ then slide WEIGHTZ off.

Style as desired or leave WEIGHTZ on as an accessory for full hang appeal.

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