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Afro Wash & Glaze 

Afro Detangling GLAZE is an all natural multi purpose formulation especially for Afro Hair, made from carefully selected plant extracts, oils and natural preservatives.  

Feels like a Lotion, Works like a Gel!


Afro GLAZE is thick & ultra silky to give Afro Hair "slip" making detangling easier - leaves Afro coils well defined, soft and full of sheen.


Use Afro GLAZE on wet, damp or bone dry hair.  GLAZE is especially useful using fingercombing techniques.  Just smooth GLAZE onto hair until saturated & detangle.  Then smooth hair with Afro GLAZE alternating with water until desired results are reached. A little goes a long way!  Air or blow dry to set.  

Use Afro GLAZE with Afro WEIGHTZ to set coils stretched.  Also sets & defines flat twists, twist-outs and braid-outs. 


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Afro Clarifying WASH is also all natural and gently cleanses Afro Hair & Scalp.  Afro WASH clarifies the hair & improves sheen by effectively removing buildup from leave-in products, oils, butters, sweat, smog, etc. that regular shampoos (esp moisturizing shampoos) cannot.


Does your hair take forever to dry?  Buildup is the cause.  And hair that doesn't dry properly will lose elasticity and easily break.  Buildup and prolonged moisture will also cause scalp issues.


Follow Afro WASH with your favorite conditioner, rinse well & finish with Afro GLAZE for a simple maintenance routine anyone can follow.  Gentle enough for weekly use. 


Using proper products is only part of a great result.

Proper manipulation techniques in and out of shower is key to well-defined, frizz free, tangle free Afro coils.

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