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Afro Clarifying Wash

(1) Afro WASH pouch - 6 spheres, ea makes 16 fl. oz.


Natural, gentle, hair & scalp cleanser

Clarifies & removes build up from leave-in products, oils, butters, sweat, etc
Follow with your favorite conditioner as usual

Crumble 1 sphere into 1.5-2 cups very warm water to dissolve

Pour into a clean squirt bottle for controlled application & storage

(please consider reuse of emptied plastic bottles)

Add a squirt of your favorite shampoo or body wash if more suds are desired

Wash scalp and hair, root to tip, rinse thoroughly, repeat as necessary

Afro Clarifying Wash


    castile soap (naturally derived from a blend of organic oils, water, potassium hydroxide, citric acid), sodium bicarbonate, vitamin E, lavendar extract

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