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Wash & Glaze COMBO

(1) Afro WASH pouch - 6 spheres - ea makes 16 fl. oz.

(1) 8oz Afro Detangling GLAZE refill pouch

(1) FREE Shower Band (limited time)


Afro Wash:

Natural, gentle, hair & scalp cleanser

Clarifies & removes build up from leave-in products, oils, butters, sweat, etc
Follow with your favorite conditioner as usual

Crumble 1 sphere into 1.5-2 cups very warm water to dissolve

Pour into a clean squirt bottle for controlled application & storage

(please consider reuse of emptied plastic bottles)

Add a squirt of your favorite shampoo or body wash if more suds are desired

Wash scalp and hair, root to tip, rinse thoroughly, repeat as necessary

Afro Glaze:

Use on clean soaking wet, damp or dry hair

Apply Glaze onto hair section, smooth hair, alternate water/Glaze as needed until desired results achieved, attach WEIGHTZ, air or blow dry


Rehydrate daily with light spritz of water as needed

Rinse/detangle hair every 3 days max. and reapply for best results


Not for use with other leave-ins on hair as may cause flaking

Wash & Glaze COMBO

$6.50 Regular Price
$5.50Sale Price

    castile soap (naturally derived from a blend of organic oils, water, potassium hydroxide, citric acid), sodium bicarbonate, vitamin E, lavendar extract


    distilled water, proprietary blend of fruit & vegetable oils, soy lecithin, vegetable glycerin, zanthan gum, acedic acid, lemongrass extract



    refill as needed, hand wash, travel size
    heavy duty glass with gasket seals, glass lid & hinged wire bail closure


    refrigerate unused portion to preserve shelf life
    stand up, heat sealed, resealable

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