sprAngz engineers & produces specialty tools, products and accessories tailored for all Afro types from thin to dense, small to tiny coils

Afro Care 101 techniques unravels mental blocks and corrects regimens that hinder hair health & hair care confidence

Afro Care 101 began in 2009 as a vlog sharing proper techniques, Q&A's and testimonials

in 2020 Afro Care 101 will relaunch here as an interactive page

with forums & consultation/make-overs



10 Years



  sprAngz solutions work because its created by an Afro headed woman

determined to disprove the myths about her own 4b/4c hair

    sprAngz will help unleash the natural beauty of your Afro hair too

[ Afro Glaze ]

adds slip to hair to ease DETANGLING

also DEFINES & SETS coils

[ Afro Wash ]

CLARIFIES hair & scalp, improves sheen

removes BUILD UP regular shampoos cannot

[ Afro Weightz ]

naturally PREVENTS SHRINKAGE while drying

sets hair as elongated coils


[ Afro Hookz : Afro Bandz ]

unique TOOLS & accessories

designed especially for Afro hair needs

[ Afro Care 101 ]


UNLEARN myths, LEARN proper techniques

ask for HELP, no question too big or small

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