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sprAngz engineers & designs specialty tools, products and accessories

tailored especially for Afro hair of all types

Afro Care 101 techniques will help unravel mental blocks and correct regimens that hinder hair health & hair care confidence



15 Years



  sprAngz solutions work because its created by an Afro headed woman

who was determined to disprove myths about her own 4b/4c hair

   As I learned, I shared

once I unlocked the dos and donts

my hair changed from frizzy, knotted & dry

to soft, well defined springlets

then I created sprAngz

sprAngz will help you unleash the natural beauty of your Afro hair too

[ Afro Glaze ]

adds slip to hair to ease DETANGLING

also DEFINES & SETS coils

[ Afro Wash ]

CLARIFIES hair & scalp, improves sheen

removes BUILD UP regular shampoos cannot

[ Afro Weightz ]

naturally PREVENTS SHRINKAGE while drying

sets hair as elongated coils


[ Afro Hookz : Afro Bandz ]

unique TOOLS & accessories

designed especially for Afro hair needs

[ Afro Care 101 ]


UNLEARN myths, LEARN proper techniques

ask for HELP, no question too big or small

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