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sprAngz Afro Weightz prevents shrinkage to minimize  tangles and naturally elongate coils into natural Afro waves

sprAngz Afro Weightz

sprAngz Afro Detangling Glaze is an all natural Leave-In formulated for all Afro Hair types that hydrates, aids detangling and defines & sets curl pattern


sprAngz Afro Clarifying Wash is an all natural gentle cleanser that effectively removes build-up from leave-in products, conditioners, sweat, smog, etc & improves sheen

sprAngz Detangling Glaze

sprAngz Afro Hookz are sturdy accessories that temporarily holds sections while styling and easily creates hairstyles for thin to extremely thick heads of Afro hair

sprAngz Afro Bandz are accessory headbands that fasten in-place to easily secure Afro hair of any length & thicknesses with ease

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