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This campaign was started For Us by Us to make a change.  Anyone who wants to see the end of police violence on innocent citizens and targeted communities requires all of us to DO SOMETHING!

CAMPAIGN ZERO allows YOU to get involved, have a voice.  Here's a few easy ways:

Demand Action from Your Representatives!

Share information!

Tell your family & friends

Talk to your kids

Inform your neighbors & co-workers

Add information to your pages & blogs

Support & Shop Black Owned Businesses


Be an influence.  Dead the Injustice.  We Matter.

It will take deliberate action from policy makers at all levels of government to implement these policy solutions.  This means YOU will have to get as involved in your State, City, and Local Elections as you do for the President of the United States - because THEY affect your daily life, deciding what & if any changes are made.

Propose a new policy solution!

Be tuned in.  Stay Woke!

Get information the media won't air.

Twitter's got it covered.  Join the conversaion.





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